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Community meeting in Kompong Khleang

We Care #3: Kompong Khleang, how to solve the waste issue.

We are back! It’s been a while since we last gave you some news. But we’ve been preparing something nice, something huge! We started our we care blog in order to support initiatives taken by NGO or volunteers to help Cambodian people.

Today, we are talking about our initiative. We’ve been taking you to Kompong Khleang for over two years now, a floating village we fell in love with for its authenticity and its beauty. And we keep going as as it is by far the best floating village to share and exchange with locals.

Since a few months, the community of Kompong Khleang has been facing a waste problem. Small garbage became mountains of trash as nobody there could organise the collect. Besides, locals are not prepared and are not aware of the terrible consequences of garbage pollution, especially plastics…

Trash in Kompong Khleang floating village
Community meeting in Kompong Khleang

So Triple A with other tourism actors in Siem Reap, under the authority of CATA (Cambodian Association of Travel Agencies), has decided to do something for the village and the community, something to help them.

The first thing or course is to deal with the symptom. So we, after a few meetings with the community of Kompong Khleang, are going to organise a collect of the waste in the morning on 6th july. Not only volunteers will be involved but also the local authorities from 10 villages of Kompong Khleang as well as monks, teachers and students.

The 2nd step is to find solutions for local authorities to deal with the problem on their own. This has to do not only with organising the collect of the waste, but also with educating people. Of course this is a long term project that Triple A will follow with attention.

So stay tuned, we will updated the blog soon! And if you need to know more about the project, drop us a mail!