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You’re traveling through Cambodia. Slowly your memory card wills with beautiful pictures. Imagine if you could get your picture on a eco postcard and you can support the local community. In this blog you read about personalized STAMP postcards made of eco-paper.

A piece of Cambodian history

During the Khmer Rouge regime in the 70’s a big part of the population was killed. You can still see and feel it in the country. We found a way to make money, create jobs and be a unique addition to what Siem Reap has to offer and perhaps even globally. We created ‘STAMP! Message Me’.

STAMP Personalized postcard on eco-paperSTAMP Personalized postcard on eco-paper

This is ‘STAMP! Message Me’

  • STAMP uses postcards made from eco-paper
  • Your own design
  • STAMP delivers the cards including envelops made from recycles newspaper
  • Delivery within 24 hours in Siem Reap or delivery with regular post anywhere in the world
  • Sustainable jobs for the locals in Cambodia

Postcard from natural products

A card made of plants, that’s something you don’t hear every day. How does that work? Banana plants grow in Cambodia. After the plant has given fruit (banana), the plant has no more use. Besides giving fruit it also plants seeds around itself which result in new banana plants. The pulp for the paper is made from the stem of the plant. Besides banana plants we also use paper made from sugarcane, coconut and maybe other kind of natural products in the future.

Sustainability for a better future

I would like to invite you to experience the local life. A life in poverty and an uncertain future. The only thing we can do is setup a sustainable company, earn money and create jobs with fair wages. That’s how we try to give people a better future.

Your impressive story

I’m guilty; a WhatsApp conversation with loads of photos, family and friends scroll through while waiting in line in the supermarket. Do you really want to impress? Tip: from now on, order your postcards and photos with STAMP.