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X bar siem reap

Siem Reap rooftops

What’s better than an evening dining and drinking on a rooftop after a long day out in the heat? Not much in our opinion. You will find below our favorite spots to do exactly that in Siem Reap.

X Bar, the classic

X bar siem reap

Once infamous for its underground activities, X bar has now turned into an expat’s favorite. Live music is played almost every night and themed parties are organized every other weekend. X bar also has one of the best view on downtown Siem Reap and Pub Street, which you can admire from the one and only rooftop skate ramp in South East Asia. Yes, you read well, a rooftop skate ramp! So if it happens that you also feel like showing off your rider’s skills, X bar is definitely the place you want to be at.

Soria Moria, the classy

bar in siem reap
soria maria siem reap
Soria Moria is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, which you can even end in the rooftop Jacuzzi while sipping a glass of Champaign and admiring the view. Oh, and we shouldn’t omit to mention the Sunset Happy Hour, every day from 5pm to 7pm, a great opportunity to try the amazing but sometimes slightly pricy house cocktails.

Top Banana, the backpacker

top banana

One of Phnom Penh’s bar scene landmark, Top Banana opened its door in Siem Reap last year with an interesting concept: a rooftop beach bar. Top banana is therefore a perfect spot for those missing the feeling of walking barefoot in the sand. As for the rest, well, expect some heavy partying and backpackerness (yes, this is a word). The bar feature a beer pong, a large board on which are classified the best Grenade-drinking countries (Grenade is the house super-shot : think of a Jaggerbomb plus a glass of tequila), and bartenders gets rounds of shots for everyone almost every hour. Yup, this one’s for you party animals.

Top Banana’s website

Yellow Sub, the quiet

Yellow Sub

The Yellow Sub is a 4-storey restaurant/bar located in one of the small lanes right behind Pub Street. It is themed after the Beatles and makes great food (arguably the best burgers in Siem Reap). What many people still ignore is that the Yellow Sub has a rooftop patio that is perfect to chill out with friends for a drinking & chatting session. It is surprisingly quiet and offers a pretty nice view of downtown Siem Reap.

J4B, the rising

J4B restobar                 J4B

JB24 is fairly recent and still unknown to many expats and tourists. But no doubt that this rooftop bar located a few hundred meters from the night market will quickly gain popularity. Indeed, it is hard to go wrong with $1 cocktails and cheap hookah. J4B also has live artists sometimes performing on its small outdoor stage.