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Frequently Asked Questions Triple A Adventures

Responsible tourism is important to me. Will the local population benefit from the money I invest in your tour?

We’ve made sure that each trip we take benefits the local population. It is very important to us and one of our company’s core principles. We always favor local community-owned businesses over the ones owned by corporations. You would probably be quite shocked if you knew the number of tourist sites in Cambodia owned by international corporations. The locals hardly get anything from tourism revenue when this is the case. This is why, for example, we chose to go to Kampong Khleang floating village: Not only is it the most authentic village in the Siem Reap province, but all the money we spend goes to the locals.

What’s up with food?

The food provided during our trips will mostly vary on the season and on what the locals decide to prepare. We agreed with them on the standards we expect in terms of quality and hygiene, and they so far never failed to meet our expectations. In most cases, our customers thoroughly enjoy the quality of the simple and delicious dishes they get to eat.

Do I need to be very fit?

Nope! None of our activities are very physical and everyone without a physical condition will be able to do them. In any case, if there’s something you don’t want to do, just say it and we’ll try to accommodate something else. Life’s easy, don’t worry!

How about the bicycle rides included in your trips? Are they very long?

Don’t worry, the point of riding bicycles here is not to get you fit for the next Tour de France! It is rather to allow you to see a lot of the countryside while going at a more relaxed pace than in a car. We always stop a lot along the way to show you things and to let you take pictures. Anyone who knows how to ride can come with us. Generally, our rides are about 10 km long and are 95% flat.

I don’t know how to ride! Can I still go on your trips?

Of course! If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, just let us know. We’ll discuss an alternative with you, and we’ll make sure that you have just as much fun as the others!

Should I bring anything in particular?

Just bring what you would normally bring for a trip through South East Asia. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat during the rainy season. Oh, and strong mosquito repellent always comes handy. When traveling with a jeep we kindly ask to bring your own water bottle. We have fresh water on board during the tour!

What do I need to wear?

Although you can only come with flip flops, we do recommend getting some walking shoes or trainers, as it is always better to get your feet and ankles protected while in the countryside. You can wear whatever you want, depending on the weather but please dress modestly with your knees and shoulders covered in order to respect the local culture.

Will itineraries/activities vary depending on the season?

They will to an extent. As most of you are aware, road conditions vary drastically with the seasons. For this reason, we might decide to change our routes in order to avoid getting stuck in a giant puddle. Besides, boat rides are sometimes not possible during the dry season, as the water level gets too low (in which case we’ll let you know beforehand).

What about tips?

While our staff is paid a fair salary, our customers are always welcome to tip if they are satisfied with the services provided and feel like they have the budget for it. In any case, nothing will ever be requested from you, and the good service we are willing to provide you with will remain the same in anyhow.

Why are your tours a little bit more expensive then other suppliers?

We have put a lot of thought into ensuring that our tours are both enjoyable and responsible, and that it benefits the local community. Here is a summary of the reasons why the tours are a little bit more expensive: 1. Private tours offer a more personalized and intimate experience, and they allow for more interaction with the guide and other participants. This can be especially valuable for travelers who are interested in learning more about the local culture and history. 2. All-inclusive pricing: The fact that almost everything is included in the price of the tour, such as transportation, meals, and entrance fees, can save travelers money in the long run. You don’t have to worry about budgeting for additional expenses, and you can simply relax and enjoy the experience. 3. Fair wages for local workers: By paying fair wages to the guide, driver, local community, boat drivers, and so on, we are ensuring that our tours are sustainable and that it benefits the people who live in the area. This is a responsible way to travel, and it can make a positive impact on the lives of others. Overall, we believe that the higher price of our tours are justified by the quality of the experience and the positive impact it has on the local community. We encourage travelers who are looking for a meaningful and enriching travel experience to consider our tours.