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The water festival, unique happening in Cambodia

When you’re traveling in Cambodia in November, there is a chance you will experience the water festival. It is to celebrate the end of the rainy season and the water is flowing up north from the Tonlé Sap lake. Discover what the water festival (Bon Om Thook in Khmer) is and where you can join the festivities.

Hot topic: Dress Code in Cambodia!

The way you dress in Cambodia is very important in their culture. It’s different from what you are used to. You don’t want to unintentionally offend the locals and that’s why it’s good to read up into the cultural differences. This is not your home country and sometimes you just need to adapt. This way you show respect and will avoid difficult situations.

Best period to visit Kampong Khleang – Floating Village

Kampong Khleang is a village in Cambodia, situated at Tonle Sap lake. The majority of the community lives in stilts houses. This creates a unique feeling. Kampong Khleang is a must visit during your Cambodia trip. But.. what’s the best period to visit Kampong Khleang?

Climate influence on Tonle Sap

To choose the best period to visit, it’s good to understand a bit more about the climate in Cambodia. The climate has a big impact on the Tonle Sap lake. Cambodia has a dry and wet period. During the dry period (December – April), the water flows through the Tonle Sap river back into the Mekong river. This is visible in the Capital, Phnom Penh. From May onwards, the wet period starts. The water level in the Mekong rises and the water flows back to Tonle Sap lake. During the wet season, Tonle Sap becomes the biggest freshwater lake in southeast Asia.

Community meeting in Kompong Khleang

We Care #3: Kompong Khleang, how to solve the waste issue.

We are back! It’s been a while since we last gave you some news. But we’ve been preparing something nice, something huge! We started our we care blog in order to support initiatives taken by NGO or volunteers to help Cambodian people.

Today, we are talking about our initiative. We’ve been taking you to Kompong Khleang for over two years now, a floating village we fell in love with for its authenticity and its beauty. And we keep going as as it is by far the best floating village to share and exchange with locals.

X bar siem reap

Siem Reap rooftops

What’s better than an evening dining and drinking on a rooftop after a long day out in the heat? Not much in our opinion. You will find below our favorite spots to do exactly that in Siem Reap.

X Bar, the classic

Volunteering in Siem Reap

We Care #2: Melissa, long-term volunteer at BFT

At Triple A Cambodia, one of our core principle is to help the impoverished local population with our business. We’re however far from being the only ones willing to help. We run our We Care blog post series in order to highlight some of the best initiatives taken in Cambodia that will help the locals on the long term.

Today, we’re meeting with Melissa, a Canadian Nurse volunteering at Build Your Future Today, an NGO operating in the Siem Reap Province.

Alternative things to to in Siem Reap

Things to do in Siem Reap: The Khmer way

Had enough of Pub Street and its hoards of tourists? There’s more to the city of Siem Reap than just its touristic hub. How about getting out of the old town and enjoy Siem Reap as the locals do? Here are 3 suggestions for alternative things to do around Siem Reap that’ll get you to blend in with the locals.