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Best period to visit Kampong Khleang – Floating Village

Kampong Khleang is a village in Cambodia, situated at Tonle Sap lake. The majority of the community lives in stilts houses. This creates a unique feeling. Kampong Khleang is a must visit during your Cambodia trip. But.. what’s the best period to visit Kampong Khleang?

Climate influence on Tonle Sap

To choose the best period to visit, it’s good to understand a bit more about the climate in Cambodia. The climate has a big impact on the Tonle Sap lake. Cambodia has a dry and wet period. During the dry period (December – April), the water flows through the Tonle Sap river back into the Mekong river. This is visible in the Capital, Phnom Penh. From May onwards, the wet period starts. The water level in the Mekong rises and the water flows back to Tonle Sap lake. During the wet season, Tonle Sap becomes the biggest freshwater lake in southeast Asia.

Living in Kampong Khleang, the shore of Tonle Sap

Kampong Khleang lies on the shore of the biggest fresh water lake in southeast Asia. With more than 10.000 people, it is the biggest community on the shore of Tonle Sap. Upon arrival you will notice the houses on stilts. An obvious choice to keep the feet dry during wet season. In the dry season people move over land. When the water level rises in the wet season, motorbikes are replaced by boats.

Best period to visit Kampong Khleang

Maybe you wonder what is the best period to visit Kampong Khleang. The scenery between the wet and dry season is incomparable. Big transformation! The village is always reachable. In the dry season over land and during the wet season by boat. Choose your own preference and decide what is your best period to visit.

Tip: did you know the waterfestival, one of the biggest festivals in Cambodia, is all about Tonle Sap lake? It’s three days in October or November. The exact dates are determined based on the flow direction of the water.

Activity in agriculture and fishing

When the lake overflows, the flood plain will contain loads of nutrient soil for the fish. The fish can literally fall out the sky (trees) once the water withdraws. The lake has a big contribution to fishing but besides that the surroundings becomes very fertile. You will discover different agricultural activities. The people live in floating villages (like a small Vietnamese community just outside Kampong Khleang). You will see a lot of liveliness.

Visit Kampong Khleang

Triple A Cambodia organizes one daily trip to Kampong Khleang, the exceptional village on stilts. You will be picked up in the morning. Shortly after you get on the bicycle and cycle between the rice paddies to a local market. Before you know, the cycle tour is over, you are sipping on a coconut and getting ready to go to Kampong Khleang. You will have lunch at a local family’s home, walk between the stilts houses (depending on water level) and get into a boat. The tour really shows how the locals live, it’s versatile and well organized. Highly recommended!