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Angelina Jolie to join our 1-day tour to the floating village!

What a surprise it was, last Friday, to get a call from IFA Talent, Angelina Jolie’s agency. Needless to say we were initially quite confused, wondering what connection there was between our tours and the international movie star. Wondering the same thing? Well, let us explain a bit further.

As a lot of you know, the actress is very familiar with Cambodia: Maddox, her adopted son, is originally from Cambodia, and AJ lived in Siem Reap for several months while playing the part of Lara Croft in the “Tomb Raider” movie. Jolie also has Cambodian citizenship, which she was given by King Norodom Sihamoni in person for helping the country in several occasions with the different organizations she started and supported in Cambodia (check out Maddox Chivan’s Children Center).

Now Jolie is planning a trip to Cambodia in October with her son Maddox. During this trip she’d like, among other things, to visit places she and her son “haven’t visited yet”. The actress somehow heard about us and our one-day tour to Kompong Khleang floating village, which she’s never been to. And this is why her agency called us: to ask if we could arrange a tour for the movie star (You bet!). AJ was apparently interested in our three-day tour as well, but her tight schedule during her trip won’t allow her to travel with us for more than a day.

It’ll be a great pleasure for us to have Angelina and Maddox on our tour, and we’re all very excited! We’ll definitely keep you posted on this!

Update: April fool’s Prank! Unfortunately Angelina won’t be coming with us this time. Following a few “angry” emails we received, we just want to make sure that everyone knows we just wanted to have a laugh. We’re sorry if we’ve offended anyone, and hope everyone had a great Easter Monday! 🙂

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